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Former Attorney General

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I am running for State Vice Chair because times have changed; they are now hard and risky. To survive and conquer them, we must change too. What I write here offers intuitive election and voting perspectives for navigating the troubled waters ahead.
Today, citizens are in unrest. Their precious establishment is pummeled daily, and the good they remember is virtually gone. Anyone attempting to run for a public seat must realize and accept America’s new realities. Public candidacy in a chaotic era instructs those that know the past is passé and the former things are no more. Relating this to elections, it may be comfortable to stick with what one knows. However, global enemies and power grabs have made that impossible. They reshaped the world while we basked in the glories of world dominance. Consequently, current force change upon us, demanding the new, true, and actionable. Beginning with disparaging narratives that must swap hostility for rationality. That is where I come in.

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Dr. Price's interviews on Newsmax, Flashpoint, The Joe Messina Show, Breitbart, NTD, The Charlie Kirk Show, Stacy on the Right, Diamond and Silk, Fox News Radio, and more include addressing hard-hitting subjects, including Critical Race Theory, The Biden Administration, The Tulsa Race Massacre, COVID-19, Gender Laws, and more.

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Click to watch the Victory News Channel interview about Disney and the LGBTQ Agenda. (The Interview begins at 10:10)

Click to watch The First TV Interview (The interview starts at 28:20)

Click to watch Newsmax John Bachman Show. (The interview begins at 1:48:43)

Click to watch Dr. Price's Newsmax TV interview. (It begins 1:33:00)

Click to watch Dr. Price's Victory News Channel interview about 'woke beliefs'. (The interview begins at 6:54)

Click to watch Gene Bailey's Flashpoint interview with Dr. Price about race in America and CRT in our schools.

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Home: Bio
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Dr. Paula Price is one of the most dynamic multi-faceted thought leaders of this generation. As a speaker, author, talk show host, inventor, and minister she challenges her audiences to "Think Differently and Live Powerfully," a phrase that epitomizes the significant impact she makes in the lives of those she touches.

Dr. Price focuses her primary efforts on helping people to prosper and be in health even as their souls prosper. As a Soulologist, many are drawn to her products and services to learn the secrets of cultivating a "Soul of Success,"

Dr. Price's own special brand for soul healing and human development. This platform also allows her to provide a unique approach to training executive leaders through her Omni Executive Services company that specializes in professional leadership coaching. With over 30 years’ experience,

Dr Price is one of the most sought-after leaders, advisors, and educators on her subjects. In addition, in 2021 Dr. Price was elected at the State Committeewoman for the Tulsa, OK Republican Party.

Also, Dr Price currently manages her own consulting firm and assessment company, is the author of over 50 books and manuals, including The Prophet's Dictionary, serves as the President of Price University, the host of her own T.V. show, Taking IT On with Paula Price, and the Taking IT on with Paula Price Podcast hosted by the Charisma Podcast Network and oversees The Embassy, home of The Congregation of the Mighty in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

She has also been a recurring guest on Newsmax, Stacy on the Right and various conservative media platforms for her wisdom concerning political, social and religious headlines and circumstances.

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