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The world is ripe for a hero in an era laden with witches, wizards, sorcerers, demons, and goblins. Spiritual warfare, crime, and crime dramas all set the stage for one to appear, and one has. History is filled with heroes from all walks of life. They are the stuff textbooks, novels, and fiction are made of, and this generation is no different. But, it begs for a real live, flesh and blood hero. In a season where high-power wickedness manipulates social consciousness as the unending battle between good and evil, light and dark human sorrows are ready for a heroic soul to intervene and save them.

Nearly every human domain is entangled in the stealthy war that took the world hostage to a darkness modernity is unfamiliar with. History books show nation destroyers have never disappeared. On the contrary, the righteous being in power suppressed them. Once treated as imaginary, the horrific atrocities heaped upon humanity today say they are out of the shadows to consume minds and clinch souls worldwide. Admittedly or not, the world is crying for a hero to save it from what it naively unleashed. Consequently, current events are inspiring people to crave one.

So what is a hero? Stories recount bold, courageous souls defying the odds, pushing back on injustice, and fighting for rights coming to the world stage. They are commemorated as heroes. Today, militarists and firefighters are the heroes; first responders, emergency service people, and others who cheat death and free entangled victims are labeled heroes. So, again, the question is, what is a hero? Dictionaries agree that a hero is a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities. Merriam Webster adds, " A person who shows great courage; the chief male character in a story, play, or poem." Regarding the male character piece, a male alive today fits that description.

Believe it or not, in 2022 AD, a great hero is being made in the furnace of affliction, where all heroes are forged. Only this hero's forging is not on a physical battlefield but in the political arena, where the wounders are words and not metal. Looking at the definition of a hero above, no matter what side of the fence you are on about Donald Trump, only a few souls can deny he is a remarkable man and a bona fide real-life hero in the making. Name a male figure that has been in the public's face more than Donald Trump. He faces hostility from the public and assaults from a spiteful government that would have crumbled many long before now. Check the records to see if any human being, let alone a world leader, ever had to withstand this man's atrocities and injustice. And it all began before he was elected.

Donald Trump's election shocked and enraged millions, especially the powers that resented him doing so. The battle to keep him from being inaugurated was like a spewing volcano sparking bitterness and mayhem that never died down. From the moment he was reluctantly declared president of the United States, this hero never had to spend a dime on publicity. Mainstream media, spewing venom over his election, finances his publicity daily. An excellent word resource is; It has over 700 synonyms for a hero. Calling one exhibiting heroic traits a champion, fighter, defender, protector, warrior, and guardian, to name a few. Contrast the injustices and malice this man faces merely to rescue his country, and one meets a hero. Antagonism made the world a hero, constantly brought to the public's attention despite being out of office for over a year. Perhaps it is to make sure we never forget he is one. Think about it; the man is a private citizen, a former oval office occupant suffering cruel indignation no former president has endured; why? His very presence on the planet ceaselessly seems to incite malicious prosecution, false accusations, and demeaning harassment from government officials. As far as can be seen, his crime is wanting to make America great again. That is his crime.

For starters, Donald Trump's advocates should stop using the acronym MAGA to neutralize the criminality imposed on his aspiration. It obscures his pursuit and makes it easy to criminalize it. Those who only hear the acronym can easily believe that the recent speech Biden gave was a crime. Not that it disdained a noble effort on the part of a heroic soul who only wanted to save his country from insidious demolition. So for starters, those who know what MAGA stands for should drop the abbreviation and say what Donald Trump's crime is: To Make America Great Again. If that is a crime, then everyone who is not ready to bid farewell to our great Constitutional Republic is also guilty. Sadly, that is what those who are not prepared to cease being a free nation under God are being persecuted for today. On the subject of the United States' founding formation, Biden charges Donald Trump with threatening our nation's democracy. Here again, the pattern of untruths levied at the man to justify erroneous charges continues. Unless the record is wrong, the United States is not a democracy. The pretense used to continue battering Trump is false. If the country is not a democracy, how could he be guilty of threatening it unless there is a democracy waiting in the wings for the founding constitution to fall? To close this commendation of an unsung, unjustly dishonored hero, look again at what one is. "A person who shows great courage; the chief male character in a story, play, or poem." Biden may be in the white house, but Donald Trump is the chief male character in both of their ongoing dramas. While Biden fumbles through his story, Trump's story plays out daily on the world stage. Thanks to his adversaries, the star of the current political drama is and, by all appearances, continues to be Donald J. Trump. Modern mainstream media drones and abusive government power gave the world an everyday hero in Donald Trump. He, as all heroes before him, was made. That is, in the furnace of affliction for such a time as this.

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